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4 min readAug 2, 2020

Taking a scheduled break from our current series this week.

Written by the AHI Team 2nd August 2020

Alongside our blogs, we have been active on Instagram during quarantine. We have done a series of instalives with some pretty awesome guests. So awesome we think it best to share them with you! Because we are nice like that, we’ll give you a little taster. A little some something.

(Click on the section title for links to the respective Instagram lives.)

From Passion to Action

First live (ever) was with our current CEO, the great Najima Bawa (check her resume) hosted by Morayo with the effervescent skin.

  • Networking is your best friend and when your network, tell your story. If networking is difficult, do informational interviews.
  • Know where you are going. Take the time to research which countries need your skill set.
  • When living abroad, Learn the language where possible. Learn the culture. Learn the norms of the place. You have to listen. The people living on the continent have a better understanding of the culture and the problem than you do.

Diaspora Warriors — Dr Emeka

Daniel from the and Dr Emeka (@doctor.emeka) discuss their experiences of racism in medical school and working in the NHS. Dr Emeka had gone viral for his post here.

  • There is safety in numbers, so talk to others — you do not know what information you may or what allies you have when challenging unjust behaviours.
  • You can be more than one thing. Like Emeka, a doctor and an influencer.
  • Have a prototype to prove what you are planning to do works. It gives you time to work out how to measure the impact of your work and persuade others to buy into the idea.

Mind the Gap

Malone is an Arsenal fan, with an undying passion for sneakers and photography. His talent with the camera landed him five features on Vogue. Originally from Zimbabwe, he is affiliated with the Zimbabwean Allied Medical Professional Association and was president of his University’s African Caribbean Society .

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