How Outbreaks Shaped Africa, Before and After: Sierra Leone

  • Restrictions on all inter-district travel for 14 days
  • A curfew from 2100–0600 was and still in effect
  • Shops are to sell essential items only
  • People are to stay at home unless they have good reason not to
  • Face masks are strongly encouraged, especially in public places
  • Suspended all international flights from March (except for emergencies) (4) (5).
  • Sierra Leone to reach 231 on 7 May (6)
  • Nigeria to reach 214 on 4 April (8)
  • South Africa to reach 2028 on 11 April (9)
  • Egypt to reach 327 on 22 March.(10)
  • Uganda to reach 79 on 28 April.(11)

“What we have to understand is that in the context of this disease, there is no safe haven irrespective of how sophisticated your health system can be. There are diseases that can create serious challenges to any health system in the world. On such is the coronavirus,”

Logan told Deutsche Welle (DW) media — (Dr. Gabriel Gorbee Logan is regarded as an Ebola hero in Liberia because of his work at the forefront to contain the 2014 to 2016 epidemic).




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